Adult breastfeeding hookups

•Digits: Digital contact information, such as phone number, e-mail, and website address. •Face Time: This is a video chat service allowing one-to-one video calls between Apple users.

•Hookup Apps: This is another term for "adult friend finder" apps.

•i CU2: This is a video chat site often used for sexualized webcam exchanges.

Ch-Ch-Check out the video (above) to watch these lactating lovers who find themselves in a frenzy of fetishized feeding!!

Who said couples couldn't spice up their lives after years of marriage with children??

This flick opens Christmas Day and tix for this are exactly what a moviegoer might want in their stocking! One husband describes his first tittay milk encounter, "I just latched on and the milk started flowing." Wow!

This could inspire Alanis Morissette's next album??

•Omegle: This is a video chat site that is often used for sexualized webcam exchanges.

•PNP: "PNP" is short for "party and play." This designation is used on dating and hookup sites and apps to indicate a desire for drugs (usually meth or cocaine) paired with sex.

She even put a Net Nanny on my Droid." Most likely, if you're at all involved with life online, you deciphered at least the basics of this individual's situation -- he's cheating on his wife, one of his girlfriends is doing a modern-day impersonation of Glenn Close in and his wife is catching on to the fact that he may not be holding up his end of their marital fidelity pact.

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